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Complete Content Strategy Development

Gain clarity and confidence in your content marketing by having a complete content strategy developed for you. Includes a content strategy, a roadmap to follow, an editorial calendar that guides you, an employee workshop to pull insights from your team, a content audit to analyze your current content's strengths and weaknesses, and a competitor audit to analyze your competitors' content and where they leave knowledge gaps that you can fill.


What is this?

Content strategy development is a 6- to 8-week long operation that involves in-depth research, strategic analysis, and interactive employee workshops. It will give you clarity about which direction to go with your content, confidence to make key decisions with your content marketing, and insight into gauging the success of your content marketing.


Who is this for?

You will find this useful if you are getting started with content marketing, or if you have tried content marketing and it hasn’t gotten you the results you expected. If you are unsure about which direction to go with your content marketing, or what your key messages are, this will help you clarify that.


How does it work?

The full content strategy development suite involves me immersing myself in your brand, auditing your and your competitors’ content, conducting employee workshops with key team members, and reporting my findings to you. You can view the entire process on my content strategy page.


What will you get from this?

Clarity and confidence. Plus, you get to participate in the employee workshop. You will receive multiple reports that synthesize my findings and analysis and tell you exactly what to do. These include a content roadmap to follow so you can get started, and an editorial calendar that tells you exactly what to publish, where to publish it, and when to publish it. You will also get help setting up all the requisite tools and channels you will need to execute your new content strategy.


What is this not?

This is not a solo venture where I disappear for a day or two and then pop back up and give you a content strategy to follow. This also isn’t an operation where I come up with all the content ideas and simply hand them to you. Your participation is mandatory. This is a marketing partnership between me and your team.

Book an Appointment

Book a free consultation that will allow me to gauge the full scope of your content strategy needs and provide you with an accurate investment quote.  



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