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Welcome to my portfolio.

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Articles about a variety of subjects, including electric vehicles, augmented reality, entrepreneurialism, and vertical farming.

Travel Blog


Blogs that inform visitors with expert knowledge and impeccable research while fulfilling SEO requirements.


Brand Journalism

Brand journalism that highlights the stories that make a brand worth learning about, caring about and doing business with. 

Graphic Designs


Brochures that explain business' value propositions and entice customers to contact companies and become paying clients.    

Financial Report

Case Studies

Case studies that analyze how businesses help their clients and display what they can do for prospective customers.

Wall of ideas

Content Strategy

Content strategy that is research-based, comprehensive, and tailored to clients' audiences. 

Design Magazines


Guides that teach readers with clear explanations, compelling examples, and intuitive structure. 

Design Webpage

Landing Pages

Landing pages that invite readers to learn about clients' products and services and guide them toward a purchase decision.

Press Conference

Press Releases

Press releases that clearly convey information in a way journalists and potential investors appreciate.

Recording a video

Video Scripts

Video scripts that inform viewers and convey information in a compelling way that makes them want to click on the next thumbnail. 

Website creation


B2B and B2C websites that clearly demonstrate the value of a company and how that company helps their clients. 

Design Magazine

White Papers

White papers that educate clients on how businesses can help them solve problems and increase their bottom lines.

Chris Sabbatini, Founder & CEO of Sabra Creative

Rob never let us down. He helped us shape a voice for our creative agency with timely and well thought out copywriting. Thanks for your help, Rob!

Atta Emami, Business Coach

Rob's easy to work with. Very flexible, attentive and followed up according to our set times.

Greg Twemlow, Founder & CEO of Greg Twemlow & Co.

Rob did several assignments for me and all were excellent. Highly recommended.



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