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Holmbergs Safety Systems


The website content I wrote for Holmbergs helped to increase traffic to the site by nearly 200%. 

I provided Holmbergs with website content that walks visitors through their processes, communicates their values, and tells their brand story. 


After interviewing several employees and immersing myself in the Holmbergs world, I provided them with content they will be able to use for decades to come.

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DEXPro website


DEXPro required clear and compelling copy to explain the how their patented  dehydration process for acid gas injection, carbon capture and enhanced oil recovery works and what the benefits are to the potential customers. 

I worked with them to clarify exactly how their proprietary solution works, describe various successful projects that use it, and how their solution would improve their customers' operations, all while being easy to understand. 

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Qbserve needed to explain their SaaS product to consumers while espousing its benefits to them. 

I provided Qbserve with website content that highlights its usefulness as a productivity tool. The client said my content resulted in a 150% increase in conversions.

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Teknon Watches

Getting the content right for Teknon was crucial for their brand positioning, as they wanted to present themselves as a luxury watch brand, but with an innovative twist. 

I wrote content for them that conveys the craftsmanship of their watches, but also clearly explains the modularity that makes them unique. 

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Lundy Law Group

Lundy Law Group

Lundy Law Group wanted website content that would clearly explain their services and why they are the best choice for providing those services. 

I provided them with a friendly, welcoming tone for their website, which was important to them, while also displaying their professionalism and expertise. 

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Due Brothers logo

Due Brothers

Not only did I write the content for this website, I developed the branding and the brand strategy for the company. 

I provided Due Brothers with a brand identity that is distinct from their competitors in their market and helps them stand out from other solar companies in San Diego.

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