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Competitor Audit

Gain clarity about your messaging by auditing your competitors' content and finding the knowledge gaps that you can fill. 


What is this?

A competitor audit is an analysis of all your top three competitors’ content across all their channels to discover the strengths and weaknesses for each piece of content and their content as a whole, especially in the context of how it compares to your content.


Who is this for?

You will find this useful if you are entering into a market that already has a strong presence from established brands and you want to see where you can fit in with your content, or if you are already doing content marketing, but it is not working the way you expected it to, and you suspect it it because your content is not as good as your competitors’.


How does it work?

You provide me with your top three competitors, and I immerse myself in their content, consuming each piece and analyzing it for strengths and weaknesses, along with their overall content strategy, especially in the context of how it compares to your content.


What will you get from this?

Clarity and confidence. Plus, I will compile a report that synthesizes my findings, which you can use to help you get started or improve your content marketing by filling in obvious gaps left by your competitors.


What is this not?

This is not a fully fledged content strategy. While it will help you identify what your competitors are not addressing (and thus leaving open for you to address), it will not be a comprehensive guide to filling in those content gaps that have been identified.

Book an Appointment

Book a free consultation so I can ascertain the scope of your competitor audit and provide you with an accurate investment quote. 



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