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Convey what you do clearly and reap the benefits of increased organic traffic.

Minimum project fee: $3,000


Is your website a victim of business speak? 


Business speak is explaining the simple in an unnecessarily convoluted way in an attempt to make it sound grander and more complex. 


But, here’s the thing; if visitors to your site can’t figure out what you’re trying to say, how are you supposed to sell them anything? 


Overly complicated writing is just one way websites fail to grab attention. Copy that is boring, vague and simply uninspiring also turns readers off. Your copy needs to snatch the reader’s attention, reach them on an emotional level and answer the one and only question you need to address when trying to sell anyone anything: How does this make my life better?


Answer that question in a clear way that touches people on an emotional level and you’ll stand apart from your competitors and your conversions will go up.


Poorly written content makes prospective costumes leery of your business and drives them away. Instead of recalling your brand fondly, they actively try to forget it. 

Website copy needs to be interesting, emotional and written for a specific audience, namely the audience you’ve deemed most likely to give you their money. 

Let me handle your website copy while you focus on what you do best; serving your customers. 


My website copywriting services include:


  • Homepages that generate leads, convey your value to customers, and entice those all important organic visitors from search engines.

  • About Us pages that eschew boring explanations and instead tell prospective customers why they should choose you over your competitors.

  • Contact Us pages that draw people in and get you inquiries.

  • Services pages that showcase your unique brand offerings to prospects and set you apart from competition.

  • Profiles that spotlight the experience, expertise and thought leadership of your team.

  • Product pages that convert and draw customers back.

  • And more! 


All copy is optimized for search engines to help draw in organic traffic, the most important element to ranking highly in the search results.

1. Interview

In a free discovery call, you tell me about your website goals, your business’ key performance indicators, your buyer personas and anything else that helps me experience your vision. 

If we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll send over a proposal and a work agreement for you to sign electronically. I’ll also shoot over a 50% deposit invoice and we can be on our way.

3. Writing

I craft copy that will stoke an emotional response from your audience and help you achieve your business goals. 


I also edit and proofread what I’ve written before hopping on a video call with you to run through the copy to explain why it was written how it was and how it’s meant to work. If anything is inaccurate or off-brand, we fix it.

2. Research & Outline

I take any research you've done and combine it with my own primary research about your market and customers. 

Once I understand your customers' problems, I craft hard hitting, emotionally effective copy that clearly explains how your product or service makes their life better. 

I’ll make an outline that includes headlines, pages, tags for SEO and the overall tone and direction. Once it's approved, the writing starts.

4. Publishing

You publish the content and I help you set up your Google Analytics to help you track the performance. Now you’re ready to start promoting your new site.

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