SEO Website Writing

Convey what you do clearly and reap the benefits of increased organic traffic.

Is your website a victim of business speak? 


Business speak is explaining the simple in an unnecessarily convoluted way in an attempt to make it sound grander and more complex. 


I'm thoroughly anti-business speak. I'll create clear, compelling copy for your site that answers the one and only question you need to address when trying to sell anyone anything: How does this make my life better?

Relationship Building Process

  • We conduct an informal meet and greet where we can get to know one another and see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

  • I send you a proposal for the scope of work discussed. 

  • If we decide to move forward, I’ll then send you a contract to sign and we’re off!

Work Process

  • I research your company to make sure I fully understand what you do, what audience you are targeting and what the tone of your brand is.

  • Using the market research you’ve conducted, I create customer personas (if you haven’t done this already) to “talk to” with the copy, addressing their pain points and showcasing how you solve their problems. 

  • I create a potential wireframe of the site and share it with you for approval. 

  • While you’re looking that over, I’ll conduct keyword research to make sure we’re also addressing the search algorithms. 

  • Once the wireframe is approved, I’ll get down to the writing, starting with a small portion that you can look over to make sure the tone is right. 

  • We’ll take it page by page as we progress through the site until all the writing is done.

Website Content Writing FAQ

How much does it cost?


Minimum is $1,000 per page. Price depends on complexity of subject matter and research involved. 


How much time will it take?


That depends on how big the site is and how much research is involved. 


How will we know if we’re a good fit to work together?


We will be a good fit if you’re interested in quality and aren’t looking for the cheapest possible solution; if you are able to express what you want in a clear manner and provide actionable feedback so I don’t have to guess; and if you are interested in forming long-term working relationships.


“Rob never let us down. He helped us shape a voice for our creative agency with timely and well thought out copywriting. Thanks for your help, Rob!"