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Rank highly in search results, get on people's radar, raise revenue. 

Every business wants that coveted top spot in the Google rankings. Even being on the first page will boost your sales and revenue. But, it doesn’t happen naturally. Every one of those businesses on top of the search rankings has invested in SEO. 


If you want your business to climb to the top of the rankings, you also need to invest in white hat SEO. 


Not only can SEO help you bring in organic traffic from search results, it can help your business with brand awareness and authority in your field along with countless other benefits. 


If you have a website, you’re already done with the most important step. Now, you need to get it to work for you. Think of SEO as an investment in your website. Do it well enough and it’ll pay dividends for you by bringing in organic traffic, which can turn into leads and paying customers. 

What is SEO?

If you’re not familiar with it, SEO is the practice of optimizing your web pages for search engines. And we’re not just talking Google here. A lot of voice search devices rely on Bing, so you also want to be the website that provides the succinct answer for when people ask their smart speakers, etc. a question.


Google -- the undisputed ruler of internet search -- has 200 factors it uses to rank web pages. These range from things like meta tags, to page titles to how long visitors interact with a page. You’re already busy running your business, let me do all that finicky SEO stuff. 


I’ve been helping businesses with their SEO for a decade and I can provide you with:


  • First page results for your main keywords;

  • A significant increase in your organic traffic;

  • More backlinks to your site to increase your authority;

  • An improved user experience;

  • High-quality content;

  • And more

Website audit rates: 


  • 500 pages or fewer: $1,000

  • 1,000 pages or fewer: $2,500

  • 5,000 pages or fewer: $5,000

  • 10,000 pages or fewer: $10,000


It starts with an audit

The first step to getting your business climbing the search result rankings is to perform an audit of your website. My audit will spotlight what you need to fix on your site, any missing pieces you need and even how much more content you require. Basically, I’ll find every conceivable way there is to fix your website and get it moving up the rankings. 


Things that I look at include: 


  • Your content and how it can improve (word count, readability, meta descriptions, links, tags, lead magnets, etc). 

  • On-page SEO elements like page speed, schema markup, URL structure, page indexing, etc.


I’ll provide you with: 


  • Content ideas;

  • Keywords to target for even better traffic.


Don’t worry. You’ll get it all in a neat report. 


The beauty of going with my service is that you get everything all in one package. Many marketing agencies that perform SEO don’t have their own in-house writer, so they hire a third-party writer and the quality varies drastically. 


Hire me and I do the SEO audit and the writing all in one go. It’s a one-stop-SEO-shop.

Don't worry about having tomMeet with multiple people or having your copy outsourced to an unqualified person. 


Get it all in one place and put your mind at ease while you run your business. 

1. Chat

First we have a conversation to talk about your business, your SEO goals, what you've done so far to reach those goals. 

3. Report

I deliver a comprehensive report to you detailing all the ways you can improve your website along with new content ideas. 

2. Audit

Then, I audit your site to see what needs to be fixed and how well your current content is performing for you. 

4. Fix

I get to work fixing your site by performing all the recommendations in the report and providing you with effective new content.

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