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Copywriting Case Studies

B2C SaaS Website

A company that sells time tracking software specifically for Macs hired me to create content for their website. 


This SaaS company had a website that was highly technical and difficult to understand. They wanted to clearly convey what their software does and why people should use it. 


I took the notes the company gave me about their target market and created customer personas to help steer the direction of the copy. Knowing the client also wanted the copy to be easy to understand, I wrote with clarity being the No. 1 priority (which I usually do with website writing). 


The new, clear website copy helped increase conversions on the site by 150%, according to the client. 

Mac Desktop

Branding Agency / San Diego Solar Installation Company

A branding agency hired me to help craft a strong brand identity for one of their clients, a solar installation company in San Diego.


This solar installer’s site was old and looked really generic. They wanted a brand identity that would fit with the type of people the founders were and also set them apart from all the other solar installation companies in San Diego.


The branding agency came up with logos and a colour scheme for the site. Using this and information I gleaned from the founders of the company, I came up with the brand voice of a knowledgeable old hardware store employee who will answer your questions honestly and not give you any sales talk or try to upsell you anything. 


Once I had this brand “character,” I wrote the website copy from this perspective. 


The solar installation company got a strong brand that helped set them apart from all the other, generic looking and sounding solar installation companies in the city. 


The branding agency was able to deliver strongly branded content to their client and I have worked with this agency on other projects.


Branding Agency in Washington, DC

A branding agency in Washington, DC hired me to write portfolio pages for them. They wanted to avoid dry copy and numbers and instead give their portfolio pages some personality with fun copy. 



This agency was updating their website and wanted to turn their past work into case studies to help attract new clients by showing those new clients that they are a fun and creative company that isn’t afraid to show some quirky personality. 



I noticed this agency had a fun little mascot, so I imagined writing the copy from his perspective and in his voice. Taking all the information they gave me, I crafted case studies that included little jokes and other elements that set them apart from dry case studies. 



The case studies now play an important role on the agency’s site and help to show off their engaging and playful personality to their prospects. The case studies have played a central role in the marketing and branding.