Notebook and Pen


Boost revenue and surpass your campaign goals with copywriting that sells.

Good copy speaks to a specific audience, clearly explaining what problems you solve for them and how you do that. It draws people in with compelling stories and gives them the next logical steps to follow to engage with you further.


I make your tech and financial copy easy to understand and interesting to read so your audience knows exactly what you do and how you can help them. 


From blog posts and magazine articles to website content and case studies, I create content that conveys to your audience why they should choose you.

Relationship Building Process

  • Initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

  • I send you a proposal for the outlined project.

  • Once approved, I send the contract, you sign it, and we get started.

Work Process

The exact work process will depend on the specific copywriting project we are undertaking, but in general, it will consist of:


  • Discussing the project in depth

  • Researching your brand identity and personality

  • Reading through any market research you’ve done about your audience

  • Performing SEO research (if the project requires it)

  • Creating an outline for approval

  • Once approved, creating a first draft

  • Receiving feedback and doing a round of edits

  • Receiving more feedback and doing a final round of edits

Copywriting FAQs

How much does it cost?


It depends on the length of the project, the amount of research involved, whether it requires SEO research, how quickly you need it, if it’s ghostwritten, whether I’m finding the photos or not and if there is an NDA to sign. 


As I primarily work on a retainer basis, I would take the scope of the work involved and come up with a monthly retainer. My minimum retainer period is three months. 


How much time will it take?


Unfortunately, this is impossible to know ahead of time. It all depends on how much research is involved and how many projects I have going at that time. 


How will we know if we’re a good fit for each other to work together?


We will be a good fit to work together if you value quality in your copywriting and getting the cheapest price isn’t your main concern; if you know what you require and you can express that clearly so there is no ambiguity; and if you want to build long-term working relationships. 


"Rob is an exceptional writer. He does his research, is cognizant of the best keywords to use, and organizes content so that it flows. He has always been able to reflect my voice while at the same time producing a far more polished result - in other words, he makes me look like a pro! Rob is also an excellent project manager - he seeks feedback in advance, and consistently delivers on time."