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Content Writing

Drive organic traffic to your site, generate leads and increase your site’s authority with data-driven long-form SEO content.

Minimum project fee: $3,000/month

Minimum term: Three months


Many companies get content and SEO wrong. They populate their website with text, upload a 500-word blog post every week and wait for the organic traffic to flow in and bump them up the search rankings. 


But, that’s not how it works. 


To generate organic growth, build trust with customers and establish authority in your field, you need long-form content that is data-driven and SEO focussed. 


As an expert copywriter, I help businesses generate organic traffic, attract prospective customers and educate your website visitors about your company and the products or services you offer. 


Increasing conversions by 150% and helping clients establish strong brand positioning is common. If you’re ready to take your business to the proverbial next level, hop on board. 

Custom quotes available if you don't see a specific project type listed here. 

What I do for you:


  • Topic and keyword research

  • Content outlines

  • Editing

  • Posting to your content management system


What you do: concentrate on running your business. 


My content writing services include:


  • Providing you with 4 x 3,000 word articles per month

  • Uploading to your content management system

  • Planning of editorial calendars

  • Creation of header graphics

  • Unlimited revisions of copy

  • Topic & keyword research

  • Rapid turn-around time

  • Strategy calls with you

  • Analytics and reports

  • Five headline ideas

  • Photo sourcing

  • On-page SEO

  • Proofreading

  • Copyediting

1. Interview

We talk. You tell me about your business, your goals and what you hope to accomplish with your content. If we’re a good fit, we move to step two.

3. Writing

First, I prepare an outline of the content and once you approve it, I write it.

2. Strategy

I prepare a quote for you and send you an agreement to sign. We brainstorm topics to write about. I perform keyword research and prepare a content plan.

4. Uploading

Content is edited and proofread, photos are sourced, the content is optimized for search engines and then it’s uploaded to your content management system.

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